Monday, March 21, 2005

Kender asked me to join up

To set you guys straight

So listen up you maggots......I will be surfing around the internet waiting until one of you un American bastards start some shit, and when you do I will let you have it with BOTH Fucking barrels.....



Blogger Kender said...

I helped my friend Major Snark start up a blog...I don't know how often he will post....but try not to piss him off.

He tends to be crude.

6:58 PM  
Blogger lorna said...

He may be crude, but the thing is, is he pompous? Because if he is pompous, he can go to Hell now.


12:29 PM  
Blogger lorna said...

Sometimes even fairly decent and nice guys can have a moron side to them. It is true that a lot of fellows are soft and manhood challenged, but to over-compensate and attempt to be a knuckle dragging paleolith just changes the nature of the stupidity................... You mention 2 guy types: The bad boy that makes women cry and the sad sack good reliable friend that picks up the phone at 2:30 am to listen to women whine about some flashy guy who broke their heart............ I say that there is a third kind of fellow. I know because I had one such. That third type is strong when he needs to be and when a woman needs him to be but not so extremely strong as to be, well, like a block of ice........ That third type can be gentle and thoughtful and considerate without being a tub mat.......

I can hear you saying that that third type is a figment of a woman's overly picky mind. I say BOSH. That kind of guy is actually easier to be because it does not demand such extreme leans to either side. He doesn't have to be Rambo, he doesn't have to be Alice's husband. He doesn't have to be that PocketaPocketa guy and he doesn't have to be insecure........... Some women want that well-calibrated kind of guy that doesn't go flying off at either end.

A guy who knows how to soothe a woman is not one that women flip off lightly.


7:57 PM  

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